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April 11th | The Windbreak | Fargo, ND

April 12th | Dempseys | Fargo, ND (Scott w/The Righteous Songs)

April 13th | M&J Saloon | West Fargo, ND

April 19th | Arthur's Barn | Arthur, ND

April 20th | The Roadhouse | Cormorant, MN (Shawn Acoustic)

May 3rd | Dempseys | Fargo, ND (Kyle with Pat Lenertz Band)

May 10th | Holiday Inn | Detroit Lakes, MN

May 18th | Fetchers | Fargo, ND (Scott/Shawn Acoustic)

May 30th | The Windbreak. | Fargo, ND

May 31st | The Windbreak | Fargo, ND

June 1st | The Roadhouse | Cormorant, MN

August 7th, 2023

Another Summer. . . . . 

Hello Friends,

Another summer of playing shows  is almost over. We scaled back our playing this year for the first time in 19 years, so this summer only saw us performing in North and South Dakota as well as Minnesota.  Next summer we're going to open our availability up again to a wider geographic area, so maybe we'll be seeing some Montana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois shows again!

The weather cooperated with us for the most part this year, which was a welcome gift after two years in a row of trying to dodge rain storms, and the audiences have been incredibly receptive and engaged. In other words, once again it was worth our time away from family, as well as the hours spent tolerating Kyle's dad jokes, Scott's dissertation on bell brass snares, and Mark's conspiracy theories! I of course, am never annoying, just ask my wife. . . . . . . . . . 

This fall and winter we'll also be scaling back our performances a little bit before ramping up in the spring. We've also begun revamping our song list, which will be fun for the audience and ourselves as well.

There's still a couple opportunities to see us performing outdoors in August and September, so please do come out to a show. Outdoors is the best venue for music!

See you soon!


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