December 3rd | Private Party | Mahnomen, MN

December 10th | Corner Bar | Jamestown, ND

December 17th | JC Chumley's | Moorhead, MN

December 18th - January 4th | Vacation

January 5th | The Windbreak | Fargo, ND

January 6th | Southtown Pourhouse | Grand Forks, ND

January 7th | The Windbreak | Fargo, ND

January 21st | Private Party | Belcourt, ND

January 28th | Eagle's Club | Crookston, MN

November 3rd, 2021

Hello Friends!

You may have noticed that our schedule has a few "holes" over the next several months. Believe it or not, that is actually intentional. We've decided to back off on the amount we're playing from September-May moving forward.


The reason is two fold.


First, a couple of us have embarked on new careers after years of just playing music for a living. Playing a little less helps facilitate those new adventures, while making sure we play enough to keep the band going strong. 

Second, after playing pretty much any gig that would come in, we've decided to be more selective about what shows we accept. We want to be able to really enjoy every what we do, which to be honest, has not always been the case. By picking and choosing where and when to play we ensure that both we and the audience experience our shows at their best.

We hope you are all doing well and are staying strong as we continue to navigate the pandemic. It will come to an end eventually!