We are on hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  When our nation's health experts and government officials deem it safe to return to the stage we'll be back! Stay safe and stay inside folks!

JANUARY 16TH, 2020

Hello Friends,

We've begun working on a new EP; the first original music in over 7 years.  This will be our 5th album and we should have it released by May.  We're taking a very different approach than we have in the past.  The EP will be between 5-7 songs (still deciding) and will feature 4-5 new originals as well as 1-2 songs that we adore, and that have been written and recorded by our friends here in the FM area already!


The sound is incredibly different from anything we've released in the past.  After years of chasing after a sound that we thought would succeed in the commercial arena that is the music business, we're returning to our roots and are recording music that better fits our instincts and inclinations. We think you'll appreciate the sincerity and simplicity of the music, but if we're wrong, it won't be the first time we've recorded music that didn't rocket-up-the-charts!  As they say, if you fail, try, try again! This time, however, we're trying on our own terms!


Finally, the biggest change will be that this will not be an October Road album.  Truth be told, October Road has been succeeding as a pure-cover band for a while now, so why rock the boat.  The new EP will be released under a new band name.  This will allow us to play dates that are solely comprised of our own music, and will allow us to build a band with as many members as we may desire.  This expands our sonic possibilities in a live show as well as on the album, plus it's more fun!

So that's the news for now.  There's a blizzard on the horizon, so stay warm out there folks!